Tips for Eco-Conscious Hiking

Walnut Creek accountant Brandon Belanger spends much of his free time in the California wilderness. An ecologically minded individual, Brandon Belanger of Walnut Creek, California, takes steps to ensure that he protects the environment while enjoying it.

Hiking-2f3fxwyWhile hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy nature, one must take care to preserve these environments for future use. Just as one would not visit a friend and leave a mess in his or her home, a hiker must be sure to leave the hiking environment in good condition. To this end, hikers should venture forth in groups of no more than six in order to minimize erosion. In smaller groups, hikers are more likely to stay on marked trails and not accidentally walk in brush or on top of plant life.

On overnight hiking trips, be sure to make camp in an area that has already been used. This will help avoid any additional damage to the surrounding wildlife. Keep food away from animals. Animals that are fed will eventually become dependent on humans and less able to find their own food.

Upon leaving the wilderness, hikers should be sure to carry out everything that they brought in. This includes food waste and any dishwater. No matter how biodegradable the soap, it can prove harmful to animal and plant life. Ideally, campers should also carry out solid human or pet waste, though if this is not possible, it can be buried in the dirt, so long as no synthetic materials are placed in the ground.