CalCPA – Certified Public Accountant Organization

CalCPA is an advocacy organization based in San Mateo, California, dedicated to advancing the careers of its members and enhancing the image of the entire public accountancy profession. With more than 40,000 active members, such as senior audit associate Brandon Belanger of Walnut Creek, CalCPA offers continuing education for accounting professionals and lobbies for its members on issues that impact their professional fields. CalCPA’s most important missions are to support members in their professional pursuits, and to maintain and increase the credibility of CPAs in the United States.

Among the services CalCPA offers are classes to boost its members’ marketability and on-the-job skills. These include tutorials in accountancy, including workshops in software and programming, which many accountants like Brandon Belanger must use in their work to handle large amounts of client data. CalCPA also administers ethics examinations and organizes conferences and seminars in which CalCPA members can learn from their peers outside of the office setting. Professional organizations like CalCPA can be extremely effective in advancing the careers of their members and in promoting public confidence in the services provided by professionals like CPAs.