What Is a Financial Auditor?

An official certified public accountant (CPA), Brandon Belanger has worked as a senior audit associate at Rothstein Kass in Walnut Creek, California, since 2008. As a CPA in Walnut Creek, Brandon Belanger is part of a decreasing group of accountants licensed by the state to perform financial audits.

An auditor’s job is to conduct an official examination of the financial activities of individuals, businesses, or organizations. This financial report must contain unbiased and finely detailed information to create an accurate and honest assessment. To make this possible, the CPA who performs the audit must be objective and not stand to gain or lose anything due to the results of the audit.

In order to audit the financial records of a business or an individual, an auditor must examine past records and investigate all financial data. Therefore, the CPA performing the examination must be trustworthy and reliable when it comes to dealing with large amounts of sensitive information.